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Why Crane Vacation Club?

From lounging on a chair at Crane Beach, Barbados to hitting the slopes at Katscherg in Austria, Crane Vacation Club is your passport to a world of vacation possibilities. Through our partners The Registry Collection® and RCI®, enjoy access to an enviable collection of luxury resorts and experiences, in the world’s most sought-after locations.

Unique Sales Approach

Crane Vacation Club is all about wonderful, memorable experiences – and we believe this starts with the Crane Vacation Club purchase experience.  We help you understand everything you need to know, offer transparent pricing up and fully respect your right to think it over.

Unrivaled Savings

Our vertically integrated approach to design and construction has allowed us significant savings, which are passed on to you by way of attractive, transparent pricing.

Unparalleled Exchange Value

Crane Resorts is the world’s highest rated resort in both RCI® and The Registry Collection®, affording Members unprecedented exchange opportunities.

Priority Access

Enjoy exclusive reservation privileges to The Crane, where you’ll find everything expected by today’s most discerning traveler.